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Roblox Immersive Ads, Are They Good?

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Roblox Immersive Ads, Are They Good? 

Ads have been a part of Roblox for a long time. Immersive ads, however, are quite different than regular Roblox ads. You can pay for them, yes, but you can also earn Robux for using them in your game.

Let's dive into a comparison of regular Roblox ads, and immersive ads.

Immersive Ads vs. Roblox Ads 

Regular Roblox ads are ads displayed on the website. When you create one, you can run a campaign by paying Robux. The amount you spend will control how many people view your ad.

Immersive ads are ads inside of your Roblox game. You can choose to run immersive ads just like with Roblox ads, the biggest difference though, you're able to have these ads in your game and earn Robux for them. This is a great way to increase your game's earnings!

Image Ads and Portal Ads
There are two types of immersive ads, image ads, and portal ads. Image Ads. Image ads are billboard ads that you can add to your game. These ads can be viewed, and when they are viewed it is counted as an impression. You are paid per impression.

Portal Ads. Portal ads are portals to other games. People can pay for these portal ads to attract players from your game, to theirs. You are paid per-teleport.

How To Make Robux With Immersive Ads

Here are a few steps you can take to start making Robux with immersive ads:

Follow Roblox Advertising Guidelines. You will need to follow the community standards for your game to qualify for advertising. You can read those guidelines here.

Plan your Ad placement. Plan where to place your ads. Make sure that your image ads will be in a place where lots of players can see them. If your game has a center square or hub, that would be a perfect place to set up a few image ads. Other areas include placing billboards around your map, inside of different maps players might visit, or sticking them in higher traffic areas.

Create the Ads. Creating immersive ads is very easy. Simply build the ad model using parts, then insert an immersive ad class into the part. Then customize it's properties. You now have a working Ad. Don't forget to test your add to ensure it's working!

Monitor your Ads performance. Check up on created ads using Roblox's analytics tools to see how your ads are doing. If you notice an ad is doing poorly, try adjusting it's position or layout in order to gain more Robux from it.

A Few Pointers On Creating Immersive Ads

Here are a few extra tips on creating immersive ads:

Don't make it obvious. Players can notice when you're trying to make money off of them. Ensure your ad placement is not obnoxious. Placing too many ads may irritate players which may cause a drop in players for your game. Make sure your ads are placed so as not to compromise the overall experience for players.

Targeted Ad Placement. Identify the best place to put ads where they will matter the most. Places in your game where players may be standing and waiting. Loading screens are a great opportunity for placing ads!

Play around with ad placement. If you notice an ad is doing poorly, try to experiment with it by moving it to a different location, or maybe even removing it altogether. Getting feedback from your community is also a great way to see how your ads are impacting your game.


Immersive ads offer a great opportunity for developers to earn some extra Robux. Games that do not allow for extensive monetization with game-passes and developer products, can really take advantage of immersive ads.

Advertising is just a step in the game development process, if you're interested in learning about all of the steps involved with making a Roblox game, check out this ultimate guide: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Roblox Game

Hopefully, you found this article helpful, thanks for reading.

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