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Top 5 Ways to Make Robux From Your Roblox Game

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Top 5 Ways to Make Robux From Your Roblox Game

Have you been wondering how to make Robux from your Roblox game? Roblox games can be very profitable, they do however, require monetization. What is monetization? Monetization refers to having ways to make Robux in your Roblox game.
So, what are some ways to make Robux in your Roblox game? 


Gamepasses are one of the main ways to make Robux in your Roblox game. Gamepasses are virtual passes that players can purchase with Robux. 

So, how do we design a gamepass for our Roblox game? When designing a gamepass we need to make sure we don’t create a pay-to-play atmosphere, in our game. 

What does this mean? We need to be careful that our gamepasses do not give an unfair advantage to our players. We may accidentally frustrate our player base. By creating content that is locked behind a gamepass we may end up losing players. 

So, what can we do to avoid this? There are a few ways we can do this: 

First. By creating gamepasses that increase progression speed, not give progression. For instance, let’s say we have a mining game. We make a gamepass for a special pickaxe that is required to mine the best ore in the game. By locking this item, and the special ore it can mine by a gamepass, we prevent all free-to-play players from being able to progress. Essentially it forces them to buy your gamepass. This will cause you to lose players. A solution to this would simply be to allow players to also purchase this pickaxe with the in-game currency. What you can do is make the pickaxe require a very large sum of in-game currency. Buying the gamepass would be a shortcut, not a requirement. 

Second. You can also make gamepasses that speed up game progression. Let’s say you have an RPG with a level system. You could make a gamepass that gives double experience. Think shortcuts! 

If you want more information on creating gamepasses, including how to code one, check out this article: How to Make a Roblox Gamepass 

Developer Products 

What are developer products? Developer products are very similar to gamepasses, there are just a few differences. Gamepasses can only be purchased once, developer products don’t have a purchase limit. That allows you to make in-game products to sell. 

Here are some examples of using developer products to make Robux:

  1. In-game currency.
  2. One-use items.
  3. Resources or building materials.

Most of the same principles for gamepasses apply to developer products. There is, however, one large difference between gamepasses and developer products. Coding. Scripting developer products is much harder than scripting gamepasses. For information on implementing developer products in your game, check out this article: How to Make a Roblox Developer Product 

VIP Servers 

What are VIP servers? VIP servers are special servers that players pay monthly for. It allows players to host servers for just them and their friends. VIP servers are an excellent way for you to make Robux being that they are a monthly payment. 

How should we price our VIP servers? It’s important to pick a fair price for your VIP server. It all depends on your game type. Let’s say, for instance, you have a first-person shooter game. You could sell your VIP servers for a cheaper price. And remember, it’s a monthly payment. What if however, your game has some kind of challenge involved in earning currency? 

Take a look at the game Tradelands. In Tradelands, you can earn money by selling cargo. There are pirates, however, that will try to steal your cargo. By being on a private server, players are able to sell as much cargo as they want without any pirates stealing it. Therefore, private servers on Tradelands cost 500 robux per month. 

By basing your prices on the contents of your game, you will be able to find a balance between fair gameplay and a reasonable price.
How can you boost sales for VIP server subscriptions? 

You can add special benefits for VIP servers. For instance, the game Phantom Forces, allows players to choose any game mode and any map in private servers. Adding simple benefits like this can make your VIP servers more appealing. To see how to script features like this, check out this article: How to Make Private Servers on Roblox 

Immersive Ads 

Immersive ads are a new way to make Robux. They are a new form of advertising. Instead of banner ads or sponsored experiences on the Roblox website, immersive ads are image and portal advertisements that are placed inside a Roblox game.
The big bonus of immersive ads is that when those ads are shown inside your Roblox game, you make Robux! You get paid per impression for these ads. 

You can place these ads in high-traffic areas. Depending on your game these could be super profitable!
For more information on immersive ads, I’ve covered them in another article, you can read that here: Roblox Immersive Ads, Are They Good? 

Premium Benefits 

Roblox added a feature called “premium payouts”. This means you now make Robux for the playtime done by premium players! One way you can boost this is by offering premium benefits. 

You can tell in code if a player is a premium member. You can use this to your advantage by giving bonuses to premium players. You can also charge players a purchase premium prompt. 

Here are some suggestions for adding premium benefits: 

Premium discounts. You can give in-game discounts for premium players. By giving players a 10%, 20%, or 30% discount on items in your game, you encourage dedicated players to purchase a premium membership in order to gain faster progress in your game.
Premium package. You can give premium players a gift package in your game. Maybe give them some helpful items, helpful boosts, or other bonus items. 

Monthly bonuses. You can give premium players a monthly payout. You can give them currency payouts or more bonus packages on a monthly basis. 

Special chat tags. You can give players a special badge or icon next to their username when they chat. 


Monetizing your Roblox game can seem like a difficult step, but it will allow you to continue to work on your game. Making Robux is important! 

Hopefully, these tips have helped, thanks for reading, and happy coding!

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