Who am I?

My name is Seal...

I'm a professional programmer. I started learning programming in 2016. I've also been teaching people programming since early 2022.

I've worked on numerous projects as well as building games from the ground up. My full resume is on talent hub.

I also run a Youtube channel making entertaining Roblox scripting videos.

I started where you are now

I started knowing nothing about programming, simply wanting to make video games. I've been through the same journey that you've either begun, or just starting.

I am a self-taught developer. Meaning I've had to trial-and-error my way through scripting for the last 6 years to get where I'm at today.

I've Been through the Tutorial Circle

Getting started is one of the most difficult hurdles to get through. Many people can't learn by simply grinding through tutorial after tutorial. 

I remember the struggle of coasting from Youtube video to Youtube video. It made sense in the video, what they were doing; but when I tried on my own, the code never seemed to work.

There is hope behind the Horizon

Though It's hard to see, you WILL get through the noob phase. It took longer than it should have for me, due to being self taught. 

But that's why Its my mission to help as many people as I can get past the tutorial circle, and get YOU making games as fast a possible.

My courses cover what you need to know to teach yourself. To get you past being reliant on others to make your dream game.

New to roblox scripting?

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Roblox is a powerful and simple platform that can allow you to create full, immersive games without needing a dev team. Luau has an easy learning curve, and it's a great introduction to programming. To get started, click the Start Today button, and check out my course: The Basics Of Roblox Luau to begin your Roblox development journey.

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Meet The Team


Programming Instructor

Seal is an experienced programmer with 6+ years of programming experience. He has an extensive work history that can be found on the career page.

The dynamic duo work together to create educational code content and entertaining YouTube videos.

For every item purchased on the website Noobert gets a Blueberry.


Resident Expert Iron Chief Kitchen Cooker Expert Sandwich Maker 

Noobert is Seals loyal Sandwich maker. Providing food at the proper time and roasting Seals cringe jokes.