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(Roblox Scripting) Top 5 Tips For Making Side Income On Fiverr

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Seal is a jaded programmer who has been scripting long past retirement age.

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(Roblox Scripting) Top 5 Tips For Making Side Income On Fiverr

Fiverr is a great place to sell Roblox scripting services. But what do you need to do in order to make money selling Roblox scripting on Fiverr?

These top five tips will help you better yourself with Fiverr freelancing. A lot of these tips can be applied to any freelance scripting such as Roblox's Talent Hub or other platforms. But by applying these tips you will be able to increase your earnings, and experience with Fiverr.

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Tip 1: Set Prices Based On Experience 

Everybody has a different experience level with Roblox scripting, beginner, intermediate, and expert. Everyone also starts out as a beginner. If you are a beginner at scripting and have limitations on what you can or can’t make, then you should be careful with how much you charge. You will need to start small at first. 

Even if the jobs are not paying much, that’s fine. You’re gaining experience. The more jobs you do the more you will be able to make, and therefore, earn. It’s also perfectly fine to charge $30, $40, or even $50 an hour if you have the experience to back it up. 

How do you tell your skill level with Roblox scripting? 

If you can complete a lot of your jobs without needing some kind of tutorial on it, then you are past the noob stage! 

If you are at the point where you can make your own game, don’t be afraid to charge as much as a developer would charge.
So how much is that? Anywhere from $30 to $50 an hour. Don’t be afraid to charge more than others on Fiverr. 

Want to learn to make a full Roblox game? Start here: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Roblox Game

Most of the people that I see doing scripting on Fiverr have no idea what they are doing. They charge $10 or $30 for assets. That ends up being far below minimum wage. 

Our goal is to make more money than we would working for the McDonalds down the street. That’s the whole point of freelancing on Fiverr…making a job out of it, making a living. So understand where you are at and charge accordingly.

Tip 2: Supply and Demand 

Supply and Demand is a term we use in the world of business. It means your prices should be set at how much people are willing to pay for it. 

Example: You have applied Tip #1, and you have gauged your experience level. You know your strengths and weaknesses and you know what you can and can not do. Now you can set your prices according to how many people want your service.

The demand for Roblox scripting on Fiverr is pretty high.

Change Low Demand into High Demand 

How much demand or need is there for your coding in particular? Low Demand - you would get a client once every week or so who messages you. Your work isn’t very steady. This means your coding is in low demand.

The result is, you have to lower your prices. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and do $30 or $40 jobs, hardly making anything until you build your business up. 

This is what I had to do when starting out. I did very cheap jobs and simple stuff to get those five-star reviews and get to a Level 1 Seller.
That’s where it’s at. Then people will seek you out and the demand for your services will go up. When the demand for your services goes up and you have a waiting list forming of people who want to hire you, it is now time to increase your prices! 

Let’s say you’re in the scenario I’m in now. You are in partnerships with other people making games and you don’t want to work full-time on Fiverr at the same time. 

So what you do is crank your prices super high, like more than you would personally be willing to pay someone for, and in turn you don’t get too many responses. But the responses you do get can land you a really high-value job that won’t take too much work.

Tip 3: Sorting Clients 

Roblox is a game for kids, so a lot of those wanting to make games are children.
I’ve had plenty of clients where they displayed some red flags so I had to sort them out. I put them on a “maybe let’s not entertain this person” list. 

That’s one of the biggest things in getting good connections and turning a profit. Understanding what clients are probably not going to be good versus the good ones you want to keep happy.

How to Spot a Red Flag 

Is your client under 18? You can usually tell by talking with them. You also get a clue by their prices and estimates. Kids and teens won’t really want to pay you anything, yet will want a crazy amount of work done. Do they have unrealistic expectations? They aren’t sure what they want or keep changing their mind.

You want to work with adults who have a budget and who have a job so they can pay you at least minimum wage.

Tip 4: Negotiating 

Negotiating is a must when dealing with clients yourself. You can either land great jobs with the prices you want, or be underpaid, overworked, and burnt out. This all depends on the negotiations.

How to Negotiate

Say you found a client with a good job offer, preferably a bigger one, they have this list of things they want, and they give a price. You look at the price and say to yourself “Eh, that’s not a lot of money for a lot of work. This will take a month and it’s only $400.” 

The tip to negotiating in this scenario is to not care. Act casual, act like to don’t need this job, and even recommend they find someone else if they won't budge on the price. It’s not always easy to do this with clients, and you never want to be rude. However, it’s not fair for you to work for someone under minimum wage. $400 for a month of full-time work is them stealing from you. Don’t let yourself get put into these types of situations. 

You can also even recommend that they find someone else that would fit their budget. This will usually result in the client agreeing to a more fair price. Remember, they need your services, you don’t need theirs. 

Remember: Always be respectful. Never be arrogant or smug when talking to clients. Us turning down a bad offer is making the best use of our time. Never be negative or rude to clients (even if they are trying to take advantage of your services.)
You do not have to accept the price they give you. You can quote them a higher one. If they don’t want it then so be it. There will be a client who will value you and pay that much. 

Obviously, I’m not saying disregard Tip 2: Supply and Demand, but if you have good Demand then you don’t need to settle for bargain bin pricing. 

Make sure you’re making more than minimum wage.

Tip 5: Learning Advanced Techniques 

By advancing yourself, and learning more, will get you into a position where you can negotiate for more money. You can make $700 off a week-long job. You can get paid that much because you have learned those difficult things that a lot of other people can’t do.
This gets you into a unique position where people have to start turning to you for help because there aren’t a whole lot of other options.

Most programmers I’ve seen on Fiverr don’t know how to do object-oriented programing. So if you know these advanced techniques, people will have to turn to you because there is no one else. -Supply and demand, You find that sweet spot where you can “own the market.”

Advanced Techniques Ideas:

  1. Object Oriented Programming
  2. Meta Tables
  3. Difficult to make Assets
  4. Datastores
  5. Module Scripts


Bonus Tip: Ask about some advanced technique ideas on the developer forum. It has lots of tutorials on advanced techniques and how it would work on a proper game. You can also ask other developers to review your code.
Taking criticism is the best way to improve.

Hopefully this article has given you a few ideas to try. Happy scripting!

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