The Basics of Roblox Luau

What You Will Learn In This Course

This course was designed and perfected with YOU in mind. I've been teaching live one-on-one sessions with students, allowing me to create a course that will help you to understand how to make your dream game.

This course will teach you:

The Core Fundamentals of Roblox Luau
How to Design and Create Your Own Roblox Games
Problem solving and critical thinking skills

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Getting Started

This course is what you need to get your feet wet in game development.

Creating Your First Game

The last chapter of this course has us making a survival game together   step-by-step.

Suitable For All Ages

Whether you're a child, teenager, or young adult, this course was designed with a large array of age-groups in mind.

The Basics Of Roblox Luau

This course will be the stepping stone to get you started on your game development journey

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I've conducted over 56+ live coaching sessions with a wide array of students from different backgrounds.

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This course comes with over 3 hours of video ranging over 13+ lessons!