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The Basics Of Roblox Luau


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No coding experience needed
Comes with over 15+ lessons
Suitable for all ages, young or old
Teaches the core fundamentals of Roblox Luau
Teaches how to design and create your own Roblox games

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when it says "course unfinished"?

Question One

When a course is not currently finished it means that all of the lessons for the course have not yet been released. A section will be released every two weeks. Section being a collection of lessons based on a specific subject. If you purchase an unfinished course you will receive all future lessons as they come out. Due to you not being able to have all of the content available immediately, all unfinished courses will be 50% off until they are finished.

Is this course good for children?

Question Two

Simple answer: Yes! 

This course was designed for all ages, including children.

What is the experience level needed for this course?

Question Three

None. This course starts from the very beginning. It starts by explaining what a programming language is, and how to use Luau (the language Roblox uses) to make video games on Roblox.

Is scripting the only thing students will learn?

Question Four

This course is based around learning the Luau scripting language; however, it also teaches very vital life skills, such as problem solving, and critical thinking.

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