Banking Plus

About the System:

Banking Plus is a drag-and-drop banking system for Roblox. It adds backend power for an entire currency and banking system. It is designed to be fully customized and even has public functions to work into any framework you have.

What does Banking Plus add?

Here's a quick rundown of some of the basic features included in Banking Plus:

In-game currency divided by bank account and wallet
Functional ATMs for players to access their bank accounts
Built-in datastore and saving for wallet and account values.
Transaction log to record all currency transactions
Data-hidden classes to ensure players cannot exploit currency
A complimentary ATM model

What all does Banking Plus add?

In Game Currency

Banking Plus adds three in-game currency values: wallet, balance, and total balance. The wallet value is how much players have on hand. The balance value is the players savings stored in the bank. The total balance value is a read-only value that displays their total net-worth. Each of these values have a copy attached to the player in the form of Attributes. These attributes make it easy to add currency display GUIs. These attributes are also only for show. They're updated when the server changes the real values hidden inside of the banking class. There is also an option for the server to display these values through leaderstats; if you choose to have your own leaderboard, you can read these values off of the players attributes.

Functional ATMs

Banking Plus also adds ATMs. There is an included ATM model. Whether you use the included model, or your own, Banking Plus uses an ATM class to add functionality. Meaning you can create your own ATM models and still use the interface without any needed scripting! The ATM class is a UI that is attached to a proximity prompt. The UI allows players to deposit and withdrawal funds from their account and wallet. It also has a feature that allows players to view their transaction log. The transaction log includes all of the transfers of funds to and from their account. The log includes the origin of the funds, and the destination of the funds, along with the date of the transaction. The GUI displays the date 0/0/0, but the recorded time is done through tick(). Meaning you could also tell the player the hour, minute, and second the transaction took place on!

Data Saving

Banking Plus uses Datastores to save all of the players account data. This includes saving the players: wallet, balance, total balance, transaction log, and account id. The data is saved in a session table, then once players leave, their data is saved into the datastore.  When saving data into the datastore, Banking Plus converts all data into a JSON string. This allows for incredibly large amounts of data to be saved into a small datastore. Banking Plus makes handling datastores a piece of cake!


Banking Plus uses encapsulation to protect players account values. To make any changes or transfers to a players bank account, you are required to call a transfer function from Banking Plus. This function requires you to provide an origin, and destination for the funds. The settings module contains a dictionary including all legal transaction origins. What that means: exploiters are required to add a legal transaction code in order to use the transfer funds function. On top of that, the function is server-only.

Banking Plus Trailer:

Everything that's included:

Banking Plus Server Side Repository
Banking Plus Client Side Repository
ATM Class
ATM Model

Future Proofed!

After purchasing Banking Plus you own it, and any future versions released. Updates will be given to fix bugs, improve the system, and add new features. You we be able to go to the account page and download the newest version, forever!

Banking Plus

After purchasing the module, you will own it, and any future updates/bug fixes. You will be able to download any future versions.

One Time Purchase

Currency system
Premium ATM interface
FREE ATM model

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