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Banking Plus Server Side Repository
Banking Plus Client Side Repository
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DISCLAIMER: By buying this product you are agreeing to the following:

You will own a license to use this asset in a commercial way. This license allows you to use this item in a commercial video game where can earn money off of the video game this asset is in. However, you are not allowed to redistribute this asset free or for compensation. Doing so will be voiding this agreement and allowing us the liberty to take legal action against you. SealProgramming LLC owns the distribution rights to this product. By installing this product in your own Roblox game we will not own anything inside of your game, or any rights to your game. We also will not be able to remove this product from your game. We will however retain distribution rights to this product. We can and will take legal action against you if you redistribute this product. This license will only allow you to use this product.

Modifying this product may cause it to not function as intended. Please do not tamper with, or copy any of the code inside of this product. We are not liable to any damages that may occur due to "user error". This product will not modify anything inside of your place.  We are also not liable in the case that the product does not work as intended due to improper set up, or improper file placement. It is the users responsibility to follow the installation guide. If you have any issues with this product or find any bugs, please fill out a form on the contact us page

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the product once I by it?

Question One

After you purchase the product you will be taken to a download page.

How do I install it?

Question Two

We have an installation guide on our Youtube channel: DefinitelyNotSeal. Simply put, once downloading the file, write click the workspace tab inside of Roblox studio, and select "Import From File". Select the Banking Plus file from your computer. Then, drag BankingPlus into ServerScriptService. Drag BankingPlus_Client into ReplicatedStorage. Finally, drag ATMs into Workspace. The included ATM model can be found inside BankingPlus_Client.Assets.Models

How does the ATM thing work?

Question Three

There is a file in the workspace called ATMs. You need to give it a proximity prompt. Then BOOM... its an ATM. Activating the prompt will open the ATM interface. That's the magic of Object-Oriented-Programming!

What's with the scary disclaimer thing??

Question Four

Legal talk is confusing and scary. In simple terms, this means two things:

 1. Your allowed to make a Roblox game and make money with it while using this product. You don't need to give us credit or anything. However... if we catch you giving out Banking Plus we may sue you. (depends on the circumstances) Your not allowed to sell Banking Plus on the internet, or give it out for free. This includes things like: not giving a free copy to all the homies in your discord server, your not allowed to make a reddit post with an install of the file, etc.

2. If you don't set it up properly (Its super easy), or if you mess with the UI and the system breaks, were not going to go into your place and fix it for you. If you tamper with the interface it may break. If your copy of Banking Plus ever breaks, simply go to your account page, and redownload a fresh file. Delete the broken version in your place, and install the fresh one.

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